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I just got my car out of the shop and they painted the front end. They told me that they removed the headlights, but they didn't even bother re-adjusting them! The passenger beam is WAY too high. I'm taking it back for other reasons anyway, but that won't be till Monday. So, I tried adjusting the big cheap plastic gear, but the little one has a slit in it. That means it just turns and turns over the metal. I thought it was broke, but the other has a slit too and so do my friend's in his 94. WTF?!!! So I took it off and used a screwdriver to turn the metal gear. I turned it clockwise for a LONG time, but it did absolutely nothing. The bubble in the level didn't move either. I can see which way the threads are and I think it's the right way, but I tried the other way too. But it didn't do s**t! Anybody have this problem? And do your small gears have cut slits too? If they do, then how the hell do you adjust them? Sorry so long. Thanks.
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