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I beat up on a Rustang today...very bad

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I am driving on a long stretch of road called the marsh road where it is two lanes for 4 miles and no cops EVER. Great place to race as its all marsh land and no houses or anything is built on it. Every morning I drive on this road on the way to work. Up pulls a 2000 Mustang GT with louvers on the back window and what sounded like flowmasters (sounded pretty sweet). This kids in his car with his girl and pulls next to me as we're going about 45MPH. So I look over and just say, "What Up, Kid!!" and he punches it but I knew it was coming and did the same. It looked like he was standing still and all you could hear was this nice Corsa exhaust roar and him gettng smaller and smaller in the rearview. Man, my car just jumped up and almost turned sideway as I got it perfect.

At the end of the strip is a light and he pulled up next to me and had nothing but good things to say about his thumping. I told him I thought his exhaust sounded great. He said he loved my car and never raced one before...and never will again as his girl was laughing at him. haha
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so, you've got an automatic Corvette eh? Nice.
Don't know if that was sarcastic or not but yeah I do. I bought the auto because I do alot of Boston driving and bumper to bumper just isn't that fun to me in a manual.

But as a consolation, I have the TTS Powerloader that really wakes up the A4. It changes all of the shift points and is custom programmed to shift PERFECTLY all the time. The most experienced driver couldn't do any better. It also raises the rev limiter and turns on the fans to cool the engine at certain temperatures. In all it adds 24 Torque and 13-15 HP but its not just that, it removes that annoying automatic hit it at any speed and its gone, no questions asked.
:( yea ill second that!
i also wish there could be something we could do about our automatics.
Ill just stick to honking at females and running over little children :D jk
:D ditto:D
running over little fat children...
no no,dont want to dent the car :D *insert evil laugh here*
The LS1 engine has alot more potential than what Chevy gives to its customer. The normal engine and tranny can easily handle up to 500HP stock, I believe.
nice kill, I'm sure the guy thought that he never had a chance, but its all in good fun.

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