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I assume that this is a synchro problem.

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3rd gear won't go in at all. I don't know how it happened because someone stole my keys and when I got in to it, it would shift at all to 3rd gear. I've since figures out that once the car has been run for a couple minute and the tranny fluid is warmed up, if I double clutch it will slip straight into gear. And of course when I'm sitting still it goes straight in and out everytime. This is the 3rd gear synchro that needs to be replaced, right? So, about 130 to get the synchro from Kormex and how much to have it installed? (grinding teeth) Thank you kindly.
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If you've got the time, materials, manual, and decent knowledge do it yourself and save yourself tons of money. It's not brain surgery as long as you follow you cd manual... Trust me, I've done two of them. And definately replace all your syncrhos while your in there... if your 3rd gear is going, chances are the rest aren't in top-notch shape either, and you don't want to get this done twice!
See that the thing. I've had ppl tell me I can do it, and ppl tell me not to try it. Basically if I don't do it, it won't get done though b/c I don't have the money. I'm tryin to get in good with a mechanic, maybe he'll hack off some of the price and just do it in his spare time. I also have a friend in Macpherson College (30 miles away). And they are the only place to offer a degree in auto restoration. Maybe I can get him to convince his instructor that they need to learn how to put synchro's in a VR4. And i know that if they fuck up, they have to pay for it too! I'll work on that. Maybe over the summer, I'll get some nuts and dig in. Anyway, thanx for the encouragement.
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