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I am having trouble finding the dome light and parking lights wire, please help!!

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I installed my alarm like 4 months ago, however I was never able to find the dome lights wire, or the wire to the parking lights. I would like my dome light to turn on when the unlock button is pressed on my remote and as well as have the parking brakes flash. The feature is on the alarm juust need to know where the wires are and what colors.
Please help if ya can. Thanks.;
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Hmm, I think the dome lights come up the driver side A-Pillar, but I could be wrong. I guess I should check the electrical diagrams from the shop manual...
The quick way to power the parking lights is to tap any illumination wire - like the one on the cig lighter or the one that lights up the radio. I *think* it's green with a yellow stripe but don't bank on it. Easy to test with a testlight or multimeter.

You'll probably want to wire straight to the dome light unless somebody has the wiring diagram for the courtesey light circuit - you know, the one that dims it slowly.
Could you clarify more on that, it just doesnt seem like that would work. How would it know to light the parking lights when its connected to the audio head unit light?
They are all the same circuit. You can power it from any point. Electricity is not directional.

I have previously owned a car stereo store and I was MECP certified in 1992, about 8 years before anybody knew what that was. I frequently spew electrical advice and nobody's car has been damaged because of it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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