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huge smoke cloud after letting car idle?

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If my car idles for more than about 15 seconds I get a huge blue smoke cloud that appears. Its definately oil because I burn a quart ever 1500 miles or so. Anyone else experience this kind of problem. The car has 71000 miles on it. I thought maybe valve seals but when I asked the dealer they said that they shouldn't go bad so early. He said maybe its just dumping too much oil. Is there anything I can do to check things out before I bring it to them?
Thanks guys,
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I had the same thing on my old SL and got it fixed by changing value stem seals. Now, my VR4 is doing the same damn thing. I guess I will be changing value stem seals again. Blue smoke ususally oil getting into the engine. I would think value stem seal first, then value guide, and could be pistons. Do a compression test to check.
><i>He said maybe its just dumping too much oil.</i>

What the heck did he mean by that???
my NA does it's been said, valve stem seals...

It shouldn't really effect performance though...or maybe thats my old American pushrod mind thinking...
ya he said maybe its dumping too much oil. After he said that I said ya maybe I'll bring it in..... Well luckily he wouldn't be the guy working on the car. I know at least one of the mechanics there knows his stuff. Anyways how much was the seal job? Is it something that I could maybe do myself? I'm going to be changing the clutch this winter so I might as well add that to the list if its at all possible for me to do.
Thanks guys,
My car has been doing something like that, but only rarely, like one time once every couple of weeks.

Is the smoke like a "purple haze"?? That's the colour mine makes, and I have the same problem with burning oil.

How much is the valve seal job? Is this burning bad for the engine long term???
Yep, mine does it too. I 'm going to go through my heads anyway pretty soon, so hopefully that will put an end to it.

what kind of money are we talkin about here to get this fixed?
The problem definately sounds like the valve stem seals. A problem I used to have. After getting an estimate of $1600 from the Mitsu dealership I decided to do the work myself. I pulled off both head and sent them to a machine shop where they replaced the valve stem seals and valve guides and some other work to the heads to the tune of $400 a head.

Here's an old post of mine showing the condition of the heads before and after the machine shop.

From what I've heard, this doesn't affect performance nor is it hurting the engine.
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