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Like the title says I'm looking for help on two different things. First off I'm looking to get a Momo Steering Wheel to replace my stock one. I've read all over that you pretty much just lose the horn, have to jury rig it and one post I found on here from a few years ago where someone mentions a user that makes a drop in mod for the horn contact but they never mentioned the user and it ended at that post so go figure. So basically I'm just trying to figure out if maybe there's a hub I can look at outside of the momo hub that will allow me to use the clock spring or if there's something better than jury rigging like this if possible.

Honestly I'd rather go with no horn that this method if anything. I don't have radio controls or cruise control through my steering wheel on my 98 anyways so it's strictly for the horn.

Last is I just bought myself a new Pioneer Double Din radio from Best Buy. They had it on sale for their Black Friday sales so I figured why not. Sitting on the really basic single din Sony radio the previous owner put in it and I wanted this and new speakers anyways so I got part of the package for now. I knew I needed a radio install kit but saw that there never was a kit made for our cars for the double din radios, but they just hook right up with the stock brackets from what I've seen a few people say in some posts? I wanted to verify this first since no one's shown how they installed them in our cars before or the ones that have used images on photobucket that are expired now.

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