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How should I spend my money? ahh!

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Here's the deal:

There are several things that I would like to do to my vehicle. Right now I have $1800 to spend on the car. I should acquire an additional $100-$200 for the pot every week from here on out...

In what order should I do the following (and how much should I look to spend)?

- New rims/tires (want 18's if I do this - my front tires atm are getting a little bald)
- MP3 player
- Sound system
- Blue undercarriage lights
- Lower the car a couple of inches
- Fix a few dents
- Jspec turbo engine swap :)-p)
- New gauges
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:) or you can give it to me..... I'll help you spend it for good....:D
My sony Mp3 player ran around 400 dollars..........go to and get some cheaper 18" wheels........Neon uner car usually runs around 130 or so i believe.....intrax 220 bucks plus 80 for alignment plus about 100 or so for installation.....engine around 2500 plus labor to put in...

How about you be really nice and donate some of the money to the "Poor White Boy who needs his top end Rebuilt" fund. E-mail me for more info. :)
munkey, ive been trying to email you so i can paypal the money, but the messages don't seem to be sending right...

oh well, guess i'll spend it on my own...

what are all of your thoughts on used wheels?
If I had decided to spend $1800 on my car right now, here's what I would do:

1. Paintless dent removal for the tiny dings
2. 17" badass 255 or 275's are a good price/size compromise
3. Lower the car

That shouldn't run you more than $1400 .

Then $400 on the pimp cane and fur coat to turn the newly decked out GT into a full fledged honey-wagon. ;)

By the way, your $200 a week pot habit has gotta stop.
He said he should AQUIRE and ADDITIONAL 200 for the POT *aka pot of money? his stash...the bank roll* , not that he blows 200 on pot...ever week.

I had to re-read it also :p
I know, I know, I just couldn't hold myself back:D :D :D

You guys are hillarious...

about those 17s.... A few months ago there was a 94 vr4 with 17 inch chromies that I really liked. They were mitsu rims, had the symbol in the middle. They were 5 spoke, but looked different than your regular 5 spokes... I can't really describe or exactly remember what exactly they looked like, but I know I liked them a lot.. can anyone make sense of that blabering and help me out?

could I buy these new or would I have to get them used?

I don't really care for the vr4 18s with the "double thick" spokes...
um...i guess that 17 chromies that you saw probably would be spyder rims. I want that rims too:)
It just hit me - maybe they were more 3 spokeish..

hell I don't know, they were mitsu rims and looked really nice.

maybe they were spyder rims, i'm trying to find a pic right now..

can you still buy them somewhere, or would I have to get used... and if i have to get used, where would be the best place to look?
I take it back, they are the 5 spoke spyder rims. Those are bad ase.

If anyone is selling some, please please let me know - i'll buy for sure if they're in good condition and at a reasonable price.
oh you mean my rims? ;)
No yours are ugly as hell..

I'm looking more for something like:

17inch Chrome Spyder Wheels w/ BFGoodrich G-Force KDWS 245/45/ZR17 M+S

... ;)
hes talking about those 17" rims that seems to be angled forward and were made by mitsu. They are 5 spoke. go to and check out the some pics of john's 91 vr-4 he bought a set of the rims i think your talking about. Let me know
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