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How much HP can the stock clutch support?

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My mods are now supra fuel pump, s-afc, avc-r, turbo timer, intake, dp, 3" exhaust(straight pipe) and bov. I need to replace my 2nd gear syncro. My stock clutch is near new. Should I up grade? Thanks in advance
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hey how much is the second gear syncro? I need to know too cause mine need changing soon....
I heard stock clutch can support up to around 400hp.
I would upgrade to either RPS stage II or III.
I dont know if i can afford a rps right now. How about a center force. Where is the cheapest place to get a clutch?I bought my 2nd gear syncro for 115 shipped from jr92rtt. ask him.
Stock clutch should be OK

I bought my Clutch from Brad Bedell andhe basically told me that the OEM clutch could take any mods short of a bigger turbo as long as you don't abuse the clutch too much. At the time Brad had just become a RPS dealer. He eventually quit selling RPS because of clutch problems(that was over a year ago I believe RPS solved the problems they were having at the time)

If you abuse your clutch none of them are going to last long. I just laugh to myself when I see someone post about all of the 6000 RPM dumps and drag racing they do, then a few months later blame the clutch manufacturer becaue their clutch only lasted 15,000 miles.
So, my stock clutch should be fine as long as I dont abuse it?
How much was your clutch?
If your stock clutch is close to new, you'll be ok with the mods you have. You might consider just getting an RPS stage2 pressure plate if you really want some added insurance. The stock pressure plate is rated at 2300lbs,(I believe), and the RPS stage2 is rated at 2900lbs. The RPS stage2 uses the stock disc. I remember seeing just the pressure plates for sell somewhere, just can't remember where. (Maybe RPS's site). It's worth checking into and since you'll have the tranny out for the synchro, it would be the time to do it.
The synchro's are 125.00 each plus shipping. You can get them from Kormex.
Did you ever figure out what's going on with 99vr4 and the use of your name?

My ACT street clutch was $400 from Brad Bedell.

Someone had ordered one and never picked it up so he offerd me a good deal on it. SO far I have not seen it cheaper so it must have been a good deal. It uses and organic disk but it is differnt from stock.
My stock clutch held up to 5500 rpm dumps just fine when I had about 400HP. Ran 12.65 & 108.44mph with it.
Thanks for everyones input! jr92rttt, no i haven't. It has to be some Jerk from here though. (Clovis or portales) I've talked to Junkyards, and they dont have any wrecked 3s's. That body kit does fit though. So he had to really have a 3s. Maybe it was a base model though because the roters dont fit. It may be easier to track down knowing that. But then again I got them 15g aka 357 magnnum turbo's. I'm not sure. But I have never seen one with a body kit here. I'll let you know.
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