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How much boost can I run Safely with tis ALKIE setup?

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I have an arc-2 setup with the stock 360 injectors ( for now :) ) and I have an SMC Alkie kit hooked to a Blitz SBC-ID. I have run peak to 16.5 spike once with no problems shown. That was without the alkie kit on. I have a Palm Data logger but I just wanted a safe base line to start running with, without break engine, turbos, etc... I know they will only hold 10 to redline but what can I peak them to with the Alkie?
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Watch your logger. Run as much boost as you can without getting too much knock or running under .9v o2.

My guess is about 17 psi ish.
what kind of alki kit do you have?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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