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How do i do this?!! HELP

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Is it possible to fit the twin turbo Borla Exhuast system into a N/A 3000gt? I read somewhere on this message board that some people have done it. If it is possible how is it done?

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of having this installed if it is possible? Is there a difference between the n/a and the turbo exhaust system? Thanks for your help
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I have the Borla TT exhaust on my 93 N/A.

The only real difference is that the TT exhaust has one less muffler, so its louder.

The only problem you'll have is that you have to weld one extra hanger. If you have it put on by an exhaust shop, they'll tell you that it needs another hanger, and they'll weld it on for ya. I paid $100 to have mine installed. Took like 2hrs or so (before my friend dropped my car back off, finished).

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