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How bout'em Diamondbacks!!

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Jus wanna say that was one of the greatest if not the best world series I've ever seen, certainly got my moneys worth..($50/mo. cable) :D Great job Dbacks and nice try Yanks....destiny?:confused: what destiny?:rolleyes:

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I've been a Yankee fan for years. I really hoped that they would pull off a victory. This last game was a close one, too. I have to give the DBs credit. They did very well and deserved their win.
hats off to The Rocket for an outstanding 7th game performance also, AL Cy Young winner for sure.
jimh634 said:
hats off to The Rocket for an outstanding 7th game performance also, AL Cy Young winner for sure.
Yah, I agree with you on that one. I'd be surprised if he wasn't. :)
Been a Dbacks fan for 4 years (hah, 4 years). I still can't believe what happened. The better team won.

Mariano who?

What a finish!!!! Great game, great series. I've been a Yankee fan for years, but I have to admit that I was pulling for Arizona, it's great to see a fresh team take home the crown.
I am SO happy that Schilling and the Unit got the co-MVP.
Lets go D-Backs!:cool:
Randy Johnson got himself a World Series... I'm overfilled with happiness for him.
Way to go Big Unit.
This could be the marking of the end of a dynasty. It's up to the Yanks to come back strong again next season. (not taking away anything to the DBacks). They did a great job and it was an awesome series!
I hate to admit that I've been a Tigers fan my whole life (pretty pathetic aren't they). So I have a natural hatred for the Yankees. It was nice to see someone other then them finally becoming the World Champs. And to do it at home, what a way to be able to celebrate. Even Guliani showed me even more class by applauding the winners.
Jus watchout for the BoSox next year...;)
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