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.5 Man .5 Dinosaur !!!!!!
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Well Kane as i call him ( my car as in The Big Red Machine )
did it again !!!!!
I went to the track last night looking to practice on my launches because i realy suck at them. Met there with a couple of friends,
Mustang GT 2000, Honda Accord Turbo and a 97 GS-T.
Seeing that is only 1/8 mile i decide to run alone my first one just to get a feel for it because it was my first time. I bogged out and ran super shitty, so everyone was thinking that "Kane" was going to be the slow one last night.

1. Accord Turbo vs. Kane
Destroyed the ricer by at least 4 lenghts

2. 1992 5.0 vs. Kane
Humiliating for the stang

3. 2000 Stang vs Kane
2 car lenght victory for Kane

4. 97 GS-T vs You know
This was the only one that actually put up a fight, but :( still lost.

So my friends and fellow 3000 GTers, i have once again shown the North Carolina area of New Bern what a VR-4 means. The funny thing is i wasn't that fast last night, my launches were all screwed up and i have yet to have a good one.
This was the most decent one:
60ft= 2.12
1/8= 9.12
MPH= 76.124

92 VR-4 Big Red Machine;)
Accel 8mm wires
Platinum plugs gapped at .30
XBC man boost controler @ 13 psi
Blitz BOV
Custom made short shifter
Snake eyes mod
Gutted pre cats, main cat and all the other animals, lol
Custom 3" Exhaust (cat back)
Heavy ass stereo equipment
Relocated battery (in the trunk)
Shittty driver that can't launch worth a damn!!!!
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