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HKS cat back dual exhaust!!!!! cheap!!!!!

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$395+$50 shipping. it was taken out from my 94 VR4. GT pro price was $840 when it was new.
Condition of the exhaust is OK, it has some scartches on the very bottom side of the tips, and there is some over spray and dents on the muffler but you'll never see it when it's on the car, NO holes anywhere in the exhaust system!!!! Paypal?
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I have the same exhaust - I love it. It has great sound, but no annoying low rpm resonance like Borla. Best of luck selling..

I am intrested .. can you send some pics to [email protected]

I am interested as long was it on ?
I'll try to take some pics when it stop raining

It's Seattle you know :)
will you be able to get the pics of the exhaust?
Is this the dual tipped version that looks stock? I know there are two or three models of HKS that are made for our cars. :confused:
How long was it on the car? Was it easy to install/take off? Are the tips replaceable?

I'm interested and have cash right now.
I have cash as well....interested in seeing the pics! Thanks
stainless steel right?
The exhaust is the same model shown in my first post(wait for the pic to load). The exhaust was used for 2 years. It's alumiumlized muffler with chrome tips. I'll have pics soon.
Yes, it's a direct bolt on and very easy to install.
Can I be the first on line if the pics are good. Since I asked first :).... can you take pics of the damaged areas too thanks,
Money talks, but thats cool with me...since u were first to jump on the post! :D
I love my HKS exhaust and would recommend this exhaust to anyone.
If no one above me buys it, I'm very interested. I'd also like to see pictures.
OOohhh I WANT! Dibs after Wraith :D
I'll have pics posted today :)

I want to be fair but I need the cash, I'm not able to put it on hold and the payment has to be made by tomorrow. I prefer Paypal, money order(send priority mail) will be just fine.

Wraith R/T awd

If nyc228 doesn't want it, it'll be sold to Jamieryan-->on.....
does it sould fair?

Note :eek: this cat back is for a VR4 or TT and it came off a 94 VR4. If you have a base or SL, it might not be a direct bolt on for you.
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ill mail the $$ tomorrow :)

can you please find out about the fittment and post the pics already :D

will have more pics tonight

My flash light on my digital camera is way too small, I'll bring it to the garage tonight and take some close up pics for you guys.

nyc228, I saw that you have a N/A and this exhaust is not a direct bolt on for your car, you need to take it to an exhaust shop to weld some brackets for it. I'll be more than happy selling it to you but I want to make sure that it's what you need. If performance is your main goal, the Stock VR4/TT exhaust would work for you too:

Thanks guys


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