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high airflow cat

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if my car has a slight smoking problem is it worth it for me to buy a high flow cat (wouldnt it just get clogged up again from the smoke).
if not where could i get a highflow cat for the cheapest price?

If i gutted the cat would the smoke then ruin the muffler?

thanks in advance
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I have a high flow cat. Works fine (ATR version). I also have an ATR downpipe and a Borla Exhaust among othr things.

What kind of car - TT or NA?

Why does your car smoke ? Do you know you'er burning oil? Can you correct this (i.e- rings,etc.)?

Should I interpret your comments to suggest you need to replace the current cat?

It's difficult to answer your question without more details.

Certainly if the car has a problem (which it likely does if you are blowing smoke and/or need to replace the cat) you should fix the problem first.

The high flow cat won't make a huge difference unless you have replaced the downpipe, gutted or replaced the pre-cats and put on a upgraded exhaust.

Give us some more details and we'll probably be better able to answer your questions.

1994 VR4
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thanks for the help and time guys.

its an ES and i think the problem is probably a cracked ring.

i think im just going to try to gut all the cats.

the only thing is, is that this will allow more smoke to exscape.

ok thanks again
oh one more thing.
i was just assuming i needed to replace the old cat because my car is feeling a little suggish and i thought it could have been caused from the smoke build up in the cat.

im goin to take it to a shop and have them look at it.
so if there any suggestions go ahead and shoot them my way.

(the only reason im worried about all of this is because i failed emissions)
thanks again
ummm, why don't you fix the bit that's actually broken eh? that might help too
i would but right now i dont have the money so i guess i will just have to wait
ahh, understandble, just please don't spend your money on something else that won't fix the poblem.
true but the car is feeling a little sluggish and i thought it could have been due to the clogged cat.

it wouldnt cost anything for me to gut it

but would this ruin the muffler or allow more smoke to escape.

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