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Hey post a pic of your 3SI!!!

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Hey I was just wondering what everyone`s car looks like.... I live in Portland oregon, and most everyone here is stock.... I guess mine is in a wierd way... hehe.. anyway.. POST A PIC OF YOUR Stealth, or 3000gt!~


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you can see pic of ppl cars in the following thread.
Highway, what kind of rims are those???
if someone could touch this up that'd be nice. The rain on the car got some weird camera reaction.

heres a high res big version of my sig pic.

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Type of rims..

There made by ADR,.. 18" Kasai ADR-45 (HMC Silver)

You can pick em up at any les shawb, if your in the northwest... you wont need a spacer for those rims.. they are 18x9.. and they clear the front caliper with plenty of room...
heres another one.

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Manxk, here you go.. heres the best I could do


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Re: Photochoped

highway515 said:
Manxk, here you go.. heres the best I could do
damn man.. that looks really good considering how it looked before.


BTW - to everyone else: if needed i have bigger and higher res pics of the ones i posted above, webshots limited my size.
Look in Sig


Damn man!, Post some more pics of your car!!!:)
I will take some more photos very soon.. at the same location I shot the pictures of my old 91 dodge stealth with the 99 conversion... here are the pictures of where this car will be shot at...


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Here is mine.

Pics of my car + video etc. in this thread
in my sig
See sig for pictures of my personal "car wax depository":D
Sig, testing
Lets try that again

if this doesn't work, here's the link
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