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Hey motorhead!

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You have tubulares 17" wheels right. What did it take to mount them on a TT?
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I just replied to another thread but here goes again. When I mounted them for the first time there was a slight rub between the spoke and the caliper. I could still rotate the wheel all the way around though. About .010" ground off the caliper fixed it. Make sure you are careful when mounting the wheels... the inner adapter ring is touchy. Tighten all of your lugs by hand first and make sure the wheel is properly seated before torquing it down or the adapter ring will be screwed up.

Good Luck,
so you did need an adapter ring... do you happen to have that part number?
When you order the wheels they will ask you what vehicle they will be mounted on. It's around $36 for the adapter kit. (that price is for all 4 wheels) I just called them and got a replacement for the one I crushed. Someone else on the board had the same problem and had to get an extra one. I looked and they dropped the price of the wheels since I ordered... what a deal!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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