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Hey Jeff L.

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Hi Jeff. I would like to contribute to your website. I spent a great deal of time upgrading my fuel system on my VR-4. I am not technically proficient regarding flow etc, but i can provide pics, and a lot of install tips for 3SI people.
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That would make a nice addition to my web site, I don't forsee ever needing to upgrade my fuel system the way you guys have (if the stock setup with a pump is good enough for xwing and Matt Monett it's good enough for me :)). Send me the text in an email. And send good quality pics as attachments. It may take more than one email for all the pics depending on size. Yahoo only allows like 2-3 MB of attachments. I'll re-arrange into a web page, get your approval, and use your by-line.

[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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