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Hey, Gatecrasher, I found a place in VA, that has 2 91-92 Stealths with Auto Climate control. They will sell the Digital control Unit for 150, and 25 dollars per "Misc" Part. Which is what the other 8 parts are. Unfortunately they have a closed yard, so I need they won't let me go out to the cars, I have to give them descriptions of where the parts are.

I bet if we both got our parts from them, I could get the Misc parts for 15 dollars a piece. I might be able to talk them down to 120 for the face.

1: Digital control face unit
10: All necessary wiring(I can probably at least get them to cut the Clips for us)

There are 8 misc parts1:
2: Motor control interface unit
3: Outside air temp sensor
4: Inside air temp sensor
5: Water temp sensor
6: In dash photosensor
7: Inside/outside air damper motor
8: Air mix motor
9: Outlet selector damper motor

Could you send me the Diagrams of where each part is located? They will not sell any parts off the engine though. So if any part is on the engine, we will have to go to the dealer.

I have a detailed plan of what we need to do, If you are in, I will send you the name and number of the place via e-mail(I don't want anyone to buy the parts from underneath us) I am going there thursday.

Tuan Luu ( [email protected] )
1994 3000GT

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Awesome! I'm in, of course. I'll try to have some diagrams made up and sent to you this evening. One thing I've been thinking about however is the wiring harness. I think there are two different parts for each car. I'll call Mitsubishi and see if there is a sub-harness for just the dashboard. If the two types of cars have different harnesses through the whole car this will be very difficult indeed. Here's my e-mail. [email protected]
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