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Hey ajimbo

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I was going over some old postings and saw that you speak Japanese. I was hoping you might be able to tell me what’s being said below, especially about the transmission.

Thanks in advance

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wait a bit I will give you the full info, because I am at my friend's comp with no Jp trans.

well, I know what trans it has, so here first.

It has the 5sp auto.
It is used in many Mitsubishi cars. I think it is used in the Galant, too
well, here you go.

3500(6G74) has 260ps/6000rpm 33kg-m/4500rpm

3000(6G72)our engine has 170ps

LPG version
has 160ps


the trans has the traction controll. It says something like it has the fussy function to give you the good driving experience, and other things like adaptive driving function that will shift depends on your driving condition..etc.
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D'oh OK

Sounds like the tranny wouldn't be a "drop in" replacement for our DOHC auto trannies. Maybe I could get some more tech info from Frank at Kormex (he once said he has one).

Thanks for your help ajimbo


Edit: Spelling
I don't think it would be a direct drop in, but I think it can't be that hard, considering that other mitsu have them with 6g72 also.

so, I am sure you will find a way, but I have little more surprise for you in a month for all you guys on the board about the engine, so wait untill then to upgrade your engine if you are thinking of buying 6G74.

I guarantee absolutely everyone will drop their eyes on this one. hehehehehe....

Every once in a while I've looked into this with no results so far. Anything involving the 6G74 would interest me, esp. since your car is the same year as mine (both TT and NA).

no, I will let you know, it is not 6G74 just to let you know, but verrrrry interesting for everybody.
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