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I have had my 92 SL automatic for only a week now and since I have a 30 day, 2000 mile warranty, I wanted to find out for sure if my trans was seems to "bump" into like a higher gear when going easy with it. According to Bill at Sandy Aammco Transmissions, our autos have a lockup torque converter which locks up at part throttle/maintenance type speeds. You can be driving along and when you STOP accelerating and just maintaining speed, the RPM's will go down about 200, and you feel a light bump...this is the Torque converter locking up and is normal. He also said that even tapping the brakes sends a signal to unlock the torque converter and sure enough, my RPM's went UP about 200! Just FYI, he recommends servicing our units once a year.
The lockup torque converter feature is on all 3000GT autos and is built in for mileage purposes. Happy motoring! Randy
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