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Help w/ Front Speakers!

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about 2 months ago i blew the right fron speaker. Are there any aftermarket products available to replace these 2 1/4" speakers? I was considering purchasing the 3 1/2" Rockford Fosgate speakers and trying to figure out a way to jam them in. I don't think that would be a wise decision so I was wondering if anybody knew any information?
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I am putting a completely new audio system in my car, I asked around and no one makes the dash speakers. I am going with components so I am going to put the tweeter in the dash. You could probably just put tweeters in there if you want to. I dont think you have a chance with the 3 1/2s. The factory speakers are a pretty tight fit as it is.

94 3000gt
Just buy a component set and drop the tweeters in the factory dash locations. The dash on our cars translates into shitty imaging, but upgrading speakers is a least a start.
I like this idea for the dash speakers:

He used the a spray paint can lid to mount a 1" tweeter.
I think it looks good, check it out.
I've got Infinity Kappas' fitted in the dash ...

Took out the stock units, trimmed a bit of the base material (fiberboard) to make room for a larger magnet and basket, lifted the vinyl and padding slightly to enable some stretch, dropped in Infinity Kappa's, rolled the vinyl back flush with the edges (kind of like putting a tire on a rim), cut and pressed a new grill from the grill material not used on the rear speakers, and ended up with a very clean looking set-up. More work than you probably want ... but worth it.

Sorry, I don't have a digital camera to show off.
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