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Thank you Chris and Frosted, I have almost everything now.
still need:

*oil cooler (I had front mounted it)
*headlight drivers (94 only)
*IC pipe (one closest to drivers headlight)
*the 2 plastic radiator shroud/air ducts

I'm probably going to just have these shipped when I find them but if your local (Denver) speak up.

Original post:
My 94 stealth TT parts car, turned into my best friends baby. Unfortunately she just crashed it. Biggest damage was to the radiator headlight support which I removed (spot welds). so I need a donor car I can pull a good one from. I'm having trouble finding a salvage yard with one.. if you know of one in a salvage yard please let me know. Or if you know someone with a parts car I can work a deal with. I want to stay local on this to keep her costs down.

Here is a list of the parts I need:

*Front second gen stealth bumper
*secend gen hood
*Crash bar
*oil cooler (I had front mounted it :( )
*headlight bucket/radiator support
*drivers headlight assembly
*2 plastic radiator shroud/air ducts

If you are local (I'm in Denver now) and can help me get these parts or simply know where I can find them please chime in. Thank You!


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Looks great man
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