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HELP! Omaha NE PEOPLE! >> 92 TT at Baxter...

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I'm sure someone here knows about the dark grey/charcoal colored TT at Baxter, they just got it in, and I was having my POS repaired there today, I REALLY WANT THAT CAR.

I just want info on it, what's wrong, who tore up that interior :p :p :p J/K

PLEASE E-mail me at [email protected]

or IM me!

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Well, I got no info on that car. I suggest taking the car to Metro Mitsubishi to have it inspected. Make sure there are no underlying issues with it that might cost you down the road. Make sure the 60k was done & watch for 2nd gear grind (synchro gear, common problem). Besides that, just use common car buying sense.
On another note, we're planning a 3000/Stealth Gathering in Omaha sometime in the next few weeks. Might be a good opportunity to talk to a few owners about good/bad experiences with their cars, or should you end up buying this car, to bring it. Anyhow, good luck with it. There's a thread about it, just keep going down until you find it. It's titled something about people in the Omaha Nebraska area.

Good luck,

Yep, saw that thred, I'll be sure and be there, if I can, I'll be going to a competition in KC for car stereos on Nov 17-18, but besides that, I'm game...

Cant wait.
u have 6 15inch subs in a neon?!?, howd they all fit, damn.
Man, his system is sick! Chatted with him on AOL and he sent me pics of the stereo. Takes up the spot where the back seat used to be. I think he said 156 db or something close to that.
Yeah, thanks for signing off all the sudden Chad :)

P.S. looks like the dream of the TT is a bust, insurance is going to rape me for over $270 A MONTH on that!

See my new post if you want to see how to fit 6 15's in a neon :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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