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Ok i make this easy, i've blown or broken everything stock( all 6 speakers, cd changer, radio/tape head unit) the amp is the only thing that is worth a damn. so heres whats up i've got in between 1200-1500 bucks to make my stereo awesome. heres what i indash cd player, possibly an eq as well, replacement speakers for all 6 factories speakers, and a powered 10 or 12 inch sub. so whats good in this price range...remember i have 1500 dollars max and i want all of this stuff. whats loud and has good sound quality and where can i find it? any help any of you help will be very appreciated. i post pics when its done. thanks:D

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Hrmm I would get a kenwood or alpine deck... A set of good components with an amp that will push them for the front. You need 6.5's and some good brands to look for in your price range are Infinity and Polk. Dont buy 6 by 9's for the back you dont want them in our cars. The sub doesnt have to be the most expensive part of your system. People on this board have a setup where you can have a 12 on the left hand side of your trunk. Save some cash and get a good sub box built, your sub and your ears will thank you for it.

Here is what I am thinking.

1 head unit Alpine or kenwood

1 set of 6.5 components

1 amps with a real output of atleast 100 watts rms x 2

1 amp with a bridged output over 200 watts

1 sub and then a custom box

If you have a circuit city or bestbuy where you are at thoose are a good place to get amps because you can take it back if you dont like it.

Buy the comps online and see about getting the box built by somebody who already has one. The custom box will make you system sound and look much better.

I cant really tell you what amps to buy because I havent had a lot of amps. Just spends about 1 dollar per watt you want. If you buy a 1000 watt amp for 200 bux only expect to get 200 watts rms. RF and MTX has pretty strong amps and are rated really low for competitions where watts are counted. I like cerwin vega subs they usually have really strong voice coils, also check out the kicker solobaroics. If you had one solo 10 it will hit pretty bad ass and can be had for under 400 dollars.

Make sure you buy things of equal quality and you should have a balanced good sounding system.
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