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help me, i'm can't stop speeding

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Recently I've begun to realize how much shit I'd be in if I got caught going 130 mph in a 65. I live in MD so it's not like this is on empty roads either. I keep telling myself that I'm gonna stop going over 90 but it never happens. Last night I saw a state cop facing the other way at a speed trap, and as soon as I passed him I started racing some honda and I got up to about 120, knowing full well that there was a good chance there would be another state cop facing my direction up the road.

What can I do to stop speeding? I'm afraid I'm gonna lose my license one of these days.
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you just got to let some races go man........if you need visualization of what u will look like if u crash doing 130,go down to the supermarket and look at some fresh cut meat.:( :D
Buy a Civic, that will preclude any chance of speeding.
I realized this recently the way I found out to stop is. Look at other people look at them racing and endangering other people's lives. Look at the SUV and minivan drivers racing down the highway. If 1 of there tires blows that whole family is gone and anyone else the car hits. I know its hard I'm going through the same thing but you can stop.
dude, go to the track. Go through a racing school. Since u r in MD u r probably not too far from Summit Point & there r other tracks in your hood like Virginia Int'l & Rausch Creek & Pocono in PA.
There u can drive as fast as u like & be safe & learn to drive better. Its not worth the jail time, hassle, & danger on the street

Where have you been hiding? I haven't seen your car in Laurel. (I'm always eyeing Mitsu's on the road)
I speed a lot as well. Sometimes the road will be wide open with a 35mph limit. Well, Of course I'm gonna go 60 and weave in and out of traffic. I say keep up the speeds just don't kill anyone. Long as you aint hurting nobody and you can honestly say you feel safe the way you drive then it isn't hurting anybody.

I'm living at school (UMBC). Where are you at in Laurel?
LOL! Now how stupid does this sound? I've owned my 97 VR4 for not even a week and I haven't been over 85 yet!:eek:

I have a perfect driving record(for now at least) and have never been a real big lead foot. I speed as fast as I can go up to the speed limit and then back off. I have noticed that I am driving faster since I got the VR4, but I haven't been a "speed demon" on the streets like some of those "speed racing" vids I've seen. Hell, I don't even think my conscience will allow it yet. I start getting "WAY" paranoid at around 80MPH in a 65MPH zone.

I think I'm good for now and don't have to worry bout going to fast on topend. This is one main reason I didn't get a Supra, I think.......:D;)
spend all your money, then wear your tires down :) That solved my speeding problem, haven't driven my car in over 2 months :(

I'm in laurel too :) Not far from UMBC I think ... isn't that down 197 towards Bowie ? There's a few of us nearby - Streetracer is close (Bowie I believe) and I'm guessing if we ever get our stuff together we'd have a nice gathering. (Mind you my car's a bit rough on the exterior).

Where'd you get your paint done & what color is it ?? It looks like another guy's VR4 that he said was the Lambo Diablo SE paint.
spend all your money, then wear your tires down That solved my speeding problem, haven't driven my car in over 2 months
exactley it is all about spending all your money... hat way even if your car does run you cant afford to go fast
yeah, no money solves all your problems :D

no gas, no tires, no repairs, no upgrades, no car, no speeding :)
true... sure looks purty sitting in my garage collecting dust :)

UMBC is up 95 towards BWI. You're thinking of bowie state university. As for my paint, it's the original paint, burgandy. Got a bunch of chips in it too.
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