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Help.. looking for ONE turbo..

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I'm looking for either a 16G or a 17C turbo..

Thanks guys. :)
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Sounds like you might have some plans... Wanna let us in on it?
he wants me to have to drive him around forever

Buy a 14B turbo. They usually sell for $150. Once you have that fitted and working, it's just a straight swap to drop a 16G or similar TD05 turbo in. Why blow the $500+ on a 16G when you're not even sure you can make this work yet? :)
haha.. true, true..

do you know if these are the COMPLETE turbo? with wastegates and such attached..

I found a few 16G's.. but they are all about $500 for a used one, or about $1200 for a new one with some *work* done to them.. I found a few 18A's for about $800.. too much to start off with just to see if it'd work, knowwhatImean?
If you're thinking what I think you're thinking....wouldn't a 14B be too small for the Mitsubishi 6 cyl? Hmmm, maybe it wouldn't be if you're going to only run low boost, 6psi or so, which you would have to do since it looks like you've got an NA car. Good luck.
yes, a 14B would be too small.. a 16G would work... but I've gone another route ;)
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