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:mitsu:Okay, just a few days ago I noticed a leak coming from my engine. It was in relatively the same spot, but there were 2 different puddles.


I just took a look under the car, and found where the fluid was leaking from. Being that I am mecahnical vocabulary illiterate, here is my best account of where the fluid is coming from.

Looking under the engine by the passenger wheel, there is a plastic piece (covering or shield of some sort) not more than a few inches next to the wheel itself. Directly to the right of the plastic (looking from the front of the car back) there is what resembles parts of the transmission. (just a guess) This block of metal has a sort of grid on the bottom of it.

The fluid is leaking from this part of the engine, and has gotten all over the plastic piece and the metal block itself. I wiped the part with a paper towel and it left a light brown stain; however, when I wiped the rear (towards the trunk) part of the block I wiped a black gunk from it.

I am completely lost as to what this could be. :confused:

I don't think it is oil, because it sure doesnt smell like it. I have read many posts and am leaning towards it being a leak in the transmission. Does anyone know, or have any experience with leaks coming from this area?

If so, I would greatly appreciate your help. :D

Oh, I was wondering, if I went ahead and changed my oil, oil filter, and transmission fluid, would that help at all?


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