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Help - Leak of some sort

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Can anyone clue me in on what this leak might be?

1993 Shadow ES - FWD V6

There is a pool of what looks like oil, although its hard to tell, just inside of the rear drivers wheel. It looks like it originated from about a foot down the rear (I dont know if I am using the proper term) axle. The leak is not currently going, I just saw the stain on the blacktop this afternoon. I checked the following fluids - Gas is ok. Power steering is ok. Oil is a bit low, but nothing unusual about it.

Thanks for anything you can come up with.
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If it's on the inside, back wheel of your car then the only things that come to mind are brake fluid, which you checked and said was fine, or a leaking shock. Do you have oil filled shocks? Somehow I think that yours are probably gas filled.
brake fluid,
I concure.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys.
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