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Hi guys,
I wanted to install my boost gauge yesterday,and I was trying to
disconnect the FPR hose,and suddenly it dropped to the engine
compartment.I couldn't find it.In case anyone wondering what it looks like,here is the FPR Hose picture that I took from Jeff Lucius' website -- Thanks a lot Jeff...:)

I went to Mitsubishi dealer,and they don't sell FPR hose alone.
I have to buy the whole set for $110.It's too much for s tiny

So,does enyone have an extra FPR hose for sale?Or can I get
it somewhere in Home Depot /Kragen/Napa/Pep Boys or any
other auto parts?

Please help me out guys.Thanks a lot in advance...:cool:

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Oh man,thanks a lot for the info!!I really appreciate it.At least
I don't have to worry about paying $110 for a small hose...:D

Again,thanks a lot man...!!!
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