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HELP! cans or kegs?

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hey everybody!

i am planning a big halloween party and i need your help. among my friends the cheap beer of choice is miller lite. now should i get cans or kegs?

1 keg ~ $75
5 30 packs ~ $16 x 5 = $80

what is the better deal?

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The keg is more conducive to partying. :D Not to mention, it makes a good gathering point.
Hey um...just a legal standpoint here...if it's YOUR HOUSE.....I'd go with cans/bottles. Why, because if somebody goes home drunk (hopefully you are taking percations against this) and kills somebody and it is later determined that you "provided" a will be held partially liable for any actions of your departing patrons. People tend to not pay attention to how much they've had when you have a keg because they are not in the standard "12 oz" container and you as a provider cannot reasonalbly keep count of what your guests are driniking either as you can when you have bottles/cans and the courts are well aware of this. I'm not telling you not to get a keg and party it up...hell I do it quite often...just make sure you take peoples keys at the door and have designated driver(s). When I send out invitations, I always say BYOB to cover my ass, but I usually have plenty.
good thought wrath....

i will actually be a d-driver sat. after i got so drunk at my high school reunion, my wife was driving my vr-4 home, i turned to her and said "who the f*** are you and why are driving my car!", this was about two weeks ago and i am still in the dog house :), i did not remember this, but i found pretty funny :D

i am leaning towards cans...anybody have any advice purely in the financial end of things, which is more economical?
$75 a keg!?!?!?!?!? Holy hell. Where do you buy them from? I can get them for $45 a piece on most domestics...
that was a guess...way off huh? i will have to call around. anybody alese in MD with a better guess

><i>and said "who the f*** are you and why are driving my car!"</i>

LMFAO! With that one question, you inadvertently revealed to her the sum total and placement of your affections! We all feel that way, but most of us don't get drunk and put voice to it.
:D LOL :D Point well taken!
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