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Componet/Amp/Sub Install and Mount

I just bought all the products for a brand new system in my 3000gt 96' VR-4. I have installed a system before in a mustang but I'm going to need a bit of help installing this one. I'm going to make a list of what I have and kinda what I wanna do. If someone could please let me know what all I need to do and everything please let me know, either by reply's on 3si or by email ([email protected]) or by AIM username= losts0ul10.


600 watt 4-channel Bridgeable MOSFET
2 channels Bridge for sub
1 channel for each side of compents
Possiblly mount back underseat where old amp was or on the right storage space next to the spare tire.
Will run at 8 ohms.

Jensen MP3510 (4 channels, using only 2 to run rear speakers)

MD quart Rsc216 Componets (Each side run by 1 channel of the amp)

Image dynamic IDQ-12 D2 300rms
Wire in series for 8ohms

4 Gauge amp install kit

Unviersal Install kit w/ open din pocket for HU


My big questions are:

Do I run all new wires?

Where Do I run the wires I must run such as power, the rca wires?

How exactly do I mount the single din HU using the install kit w/ open din pocket?

How do I mount the RSC16 tweeters in the stock locations since they are only 1"?

Do I need anything special to mount the rsc16 door speakers in the stock locations or do they fit already?

Where do I put the crossover's and how do I set them up?

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ok here goes...

1. you will need new power, ground, etc. for the new amp but use the factory wires for the speakers they will be fine

2. run the power from the bat., through the firewall, under the carpet to the amp. run the rcas from the hu to amp on the opposite side of the car.

3. i am guessing but the kit probaly uses the factory mounts and the hu mounts to the kit, not sure, prol' instructions in there

4. i don't know what you call it but it is that metal stripping with the holes in it, cut a piece to run run from factory screw to factory screw, screw the new tweet down to one of the holes in the stripping. leave yourself a little slack so you can twist/adjust the tweeter so you can aim it

5. dunno!

6. you can mount the xovers whereever you want. just keep in mind the you have to run wires from the amp to the xover and then to the factory wiring harness, i would keep them close to the amp prol' easiest. as far as setting them up and i am not sure of the options on the crossovers, so i can't help you there.

hope that helps,

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Thanks A Lot

Thank you very much for your reply... It helps a good bit...

And anything else anyone or you have for me keep it coming...

Thanks again...
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