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New to the forum, so I should say hi. :) I'm a first time GTO owner; just picked up a 1993 GTO automatic "spares/repairs" that needs some TLC. Previous cars include an FTO (currently for sale) and a Mk2 Honda CRX.

Photo here: -click-

On the "to-do" list:

- get the auto box overhauled (clunky 1st/2nd shift, sometimes can't decide what gear to be in at kick-down, lazy kick-down)
- replace the rear part of the exhaust (it looks standard but is obnoxiously loud)
- full service + cambelt + front brakes
- replace OSF sidelight (these seem to be impossible to buy)
- replace all speakers (front are shredded, rears are just crap)
- respray various panels (some panels have been resprayed so badly...)
- repair or replace gearshift mounting (broken plastic mounts)
- try and obtain original seats (has aftermarket covers on, and they're ripped)
- repair rip to center console material
- repair headlights (condensation)
- ...probably a lot more!

Should be a lot of fun. So... hello!
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