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1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4
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Hey all, just want to say hello to everyone and ask for some advice.

I recently purchased a 1993 3000GT VR4. The owner changed out the original gauges (112K reading) with another set that has higher mileage as the old odometer stopped working, but the original set came with the car. Only about 2-300 miles have been put on the car since the gauges were swapped. The existing documentation supports this. Any advice on how to repair it/where to get parts for the gauge would be appreciated.

Also, does anyone know of any shops that work on these cars around the Florida Panhandle? Where do you guys get parts for these?

The car is bone stock thankfully (and unfortunately). It has no lifter tick, no smoke on startup (or ever really), and has been repainted. I know I need to swap out the stock turbo and oil pressure gauges (hence the unfortunately stock), but I want to be able to put the new gauges where the old ones are if it's not really difficult. Recommendations would be appreciated :)

The oil pan does have a dent in it about 1/4 inch deep at the max, so I know it needs to be fixed with a new oil pickup and the dent hammered out. The transfer case seems to have a very slow leak which of course needs fixing as well. The ECS needs new capacitors and the rear wiper switch has the apparently common break so the sprayer works but the wiper doesn't. The front exhaust hanger is also missing the bolt that holds the two pieces together. Everything else on the car seems well maintained as the CV axles are in good shape and all the other suspension components look good too. There isn't any rust in the body. I also have the paperwork for the timing belt service and all that entails done 20,000 miles ago.

I also can't tell if it has the 2 bolt or 4 bolt main, so any advice on how to tell would be awesome. It was built in February of 93 if that helps.

I also want to keep the stock stereo as it is the original 6 disc player and I'm trying to keep it as stock as possible, but the sound quality coming out of the speakers is super tinny and is simply god awful. New speakers should help a lot with this right? Anyone know what size speakers these have and does anyone have any recommendations if speaker replacement is the way to go?

I think that lists about everything I know about the car and things I know I need to watch for, so if I missed anything, please let me know! I look forward to being a part of this community :)
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