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So, after owning a few different fast and built turbo+awd cars (3kGTVR4 97, Audi UrS4 2.2TQ, Toyota Celica ST165 and a few others both jap and euro) I decided to once again pick up a VR4.

Car is a black euro -92, trying to keep it within the early 90s style and putting it in order. Body is decent, mostly well maintained otherwise, but building a real GT from a 27 year old car means almost everything will by touched.

Goals are around 4-500 everyday awhp in a package suited well enough to never be stuck in some foreign country with a breakdown of any kind. Not looking to overspend, but willing to pay what it takes to pull off a decent car that can handle any use (not abuse) over the next 10 years. Not building a streetracer, not building a dragracer - I want a continental-parsing gran tourer with all the fun that goes with it.

Residing in Norway (before you ask - no polar bears in the streets. nope. not a single one) access to parts which arent "overnighted" from either the US or Japan are kinda sparse and progress may very well be slow, but Im okay if its done by 2020/21 "season".
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