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held off a z-28, but got raped by a telephone pole

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i pull up to a light next to a mystic blue camaro z-28, but we each have a car in front of us, so its just a matter of whos car in front goes faster. so light goes green , my car starts pullin ahead slowly, i finally get enough room to get out so i punch it at 50 in 2nd gear, and take off i see him do a zigzag over to my old lane and into the new lane where i am now and he starts comin up on me he gets over into the other lane and i shift into 4th im goin about 120 with him about a car length behind me when all the sudden this stupid @ss old fart guy in a old civic pulls out right in front of me, i had no time to stop so i jam on my brakes and go to cut over into the other lane, well my back tires locked up and i begin to spin through 4 lanes, luckily no oncoming traffic, i ramp up of the curb, hit a telephone pole about 2' off the ground, break it in half, keep going take out 2 palm trees, a fence and a few other bushes, i finally stop and shut my car totally off and go to acess the damage, the telephone pole went about a foot and a half into my rear passenger side quarter panel, pushed my rear passenger side wheel in all sortsa messed up directions, broke my rim, bent the other rear rim, spoiler shattered, hatchback is all rippe dup and crushed, it ripped off my passenger side skirt, dented front passenger side quarter panel, and screwed my front bumper all up, i have massive scratches all over the car, but atleast my system is still in tact :mad: the cops just gave me a creless driving ticket (78$, 3 points) he felt bad so he didnt give me the speeding ticket or take me to jail. the old guy made a clean get away (didnt even stop)
so i might b parting out my 94 3kgt in a few days once i fully acess the damage.
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dibs on turbos. whats your milage..

sorry to hear man that blows ass. Its your fault, but hell, I woulda done the same to show up a z28.

heh i wish it was a turbo then i wouldnt have this problem, no its a base unfortunatly -- sorry:eek:
damn that sucks man, sorry to hear about that. Your lucky you were ok after hitting all that crap. Slamming on the breaks at 120 will do that though. Even though you were speeding i'd say it was partly the guys fault that did cut you off, he should of atleast stopped to see if you were ok
dude that sucks about your car but at least you're alright. What is your insurance going to cover? Are they going to fix it or replace it? If they replace it are you going to get a TT/VR4? If I had the money to do it all over again I would definately go TT/VR4. Hope everything works out for you.

Ouch, dude... Sorry to hear that. Glad you're okay, though!
How much for the turbos? what color is your interior? btw, glad to hear that you are ok.
was it worth it?:) ......seriously glad your o.k.......does any one else notice something?.......our cars are dropping like flys!!!
Heh, 2 weeks after I got my 3000GT I flipped it. Took $10,000 and fixed it, heh. I'm too sturbourn.
Hey man, glad you're ok, that really sucks about your car. Just for conversation's sake, do you think if you were going the speed limit and that old guy pulled out you could have avoided it? I'm not gonna get into the speeding lecture, we all heard enough of that in driver's ed, but just be careful guys.
120 is a smidge above any speed limit...
Stupid old fart in a Civic? No offense, but you were doing 120mph probably in no more than a 50mph zone, so that doesn't exactly make you look like a genius either man. Sorry about the wreck, but save those speeds for tracks.

JasoNeon, good point. It's people like this who make us teenagers look like poor, careless drivers. Mistakes happen though, and we're all glad you're ok :cool: I just hope he realizes it wasn't the civic guys fault, it's hard to judge that a car is going 120mph from a distance, until they get closer :)
Well that sux man...sorry bout ur least u can still drive....i just started my 6 month license suspension....i cant drive:mad:
Well, that's 6 months of mileage that your cars won't get! ;) That sucks dude. What did you do?
glad you're ok, but really hate what happened to your car.
I still havn't bought my 3s yet but it makes me mad when I see one
wrecked. when it could be in my garage pampered and loved.
But like I said I'm glad you're ok though.:(

thanx for all the concerns, its hard to think about what condition i could b in, i know im lucky to walk away from it w/out a scratch and just a lil sore neck the next day. but i am still incredibly bummed cause i lost my car and im out atleast 4-5k of my own money, in order to cut costs i lowered my insurance from full coverage to the state minimums, i now kick my own ass everyday cause of it. yes i know what i was doing was stupid, irresponsible, and so on and so on, but o well its in the past nothing i can do about it now just learn from my own misfortune, i hope anyone else out there that has the urge to do something similar will really considder how much logic there is in doing it, and how much you are putting at risk while doing it, i didnt until i was on the side of the road, unfortunatly i am one of those people that has to learn things the "hard way". and for those that came on here tellin me im stupid for doing this and that i am the type of person that makes teenagers look bad well dont u think i already know that i didnt post this thread for u to tell me how stupid my actions are so blow me, but again thanx for the concerns about my health.
yes i know it wasnt entirely the guy in the civics fault, but he could have atleast been paying attention enough to se me spinning across the road and have enough courtesy to stop and see if i was ok, probably a good thing he didnt though i prob would have kicked his ass and gone to jail for it. yes i was doing 120 in a 45 and again i know its a retarded thing to do. and no you dont need to remind me.

btw my car is NOT a TT so dont bother asking for any TT parts. when i do decide to part it out i will post the ad in the parts for sale section
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well i was gonna say ur a complete ASS but u already told us not to say that so i wont. by the way, if its any consolation, i was doing 65 in a 35. No but seriosuly, stupid stuff does happen when u get caught up in the moment and ur heart is beating and its just to exciting to stop. i totally understand man, but i am glad ur ok. just next time promise ur self that u will be a LOT more careful. i know uve learned a very important and valuable lesson, dont fuck with physics. :eek: risking ur life is not a game, u cant just hit the reset button and start over. (although that would make life a lot more fun, dont u agree?) well i guess thats what video games are for. aight man, TAKE CARE OF URSELF. again, glad to know ur still kicking...
Yeah, I'm gald to hear that you are ok man. That same shit happened to me, but I didn't crash fortunately. Some old shithead pulled out infront of me while I was racing my stang (me in the stealth) Car even with the lane next to me, so I can't break or smash into his rear. So I just gun it and slip in front of the car in the next lane. Just inches from both of them. Really glad no one got hurt. Don't these fuckers realize that a car is hauling ass? Sorry for the language, I realize this is our (racers) fault, but hey, that's what we do.

FireStormTT said:
damn that sucks man, sorry to hear about that. Your lucky you were ok after hitting all that crap. Slamming on the breaks at 120 will do that though. Even though you were speeding i'd say it was partly the guys fault that did cut you off, he should of atleast stopped to see if you were ok
what if he hit the phone poll and died? you stop - witnesses see your license plate. you get the idea. i'm just saying if you stop, be prepared to possibly spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE IN JAIL.

Me personally? HELL yeah i would have stopped, geez, what an asshole :)

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