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hee hee.....

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i can't wait to get my Stealth R/T. i would LOVE to do some revving myself and scare the living crap out of some neighbors and some pedestrians or whoever is looking at me. :D :D i would just LOVE to see the looks on their faces when i do some of my own stuff i ought to hook up a spy camera in my car to catch everything on camera!:p :D hell, iv'e been revved at by a f**king 00' Eclipse RS plenty of times!:mad: :mad:
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born "62?.....more like 82":p
not to nock on you or anything but what does reving have to do with anything.?? If you want to make alot of scary noise then buy a gt mustang and rip off the headers. That will sound burly. You will be slow, and its ugly but it will make more noise then any 3000 can w/out exaust
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