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Why did it die off? what happend to those companies promising headers for 600-or less? No offence to ek2, I know he will has his stuff out. Its just a matter of time is all, I guess.

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Most recent response from the RPW guys:

Posted by Mitsiman on 12/01/02:

Nothing new to add at this moment. We are trying to deal with the normal Xmas rush of orders and are pumping out extractors as fast as we can make them.

We are somewhat overloaded at this moment so fo course the first things to suffer are internett forums and emails, followed by new projects.

Our own twin turbo Magna project has been put off another two months because of work overload.

We are still proceeding to make the extractor systems for your vehicles and will be concentrating on that in the next few weeks once we get control of this rush of orders.

We have had a backorder on extractors especially for the V6 Eclipse / Galant guys in teh usa and are desperatly trying to complete them before xmas.

We close down for 2 1/2 weeks over christmas for our holidays but we are going to have our exhaust manafacturer continue on your projects at the same time.

Because we are trying to use more of a race design extractor with longer pipes than those used on the Galant / Eclipse vehicles we have to start from a complete scratch which is why it is taking longer.

David Thomas
ek2mfg most recent status:
Posted by ek2mfg on 11/23/02:
sorry gents...this thing got put on hold...I have plaenty of pieces here to get going but absolutely no time to get back into it for now. I have not forgotten....I will get the ball rolling again...wont go into specifics but this has put aside for a short time.......

sorry...just dont want to keep the anticipation at high levels when I havent done anything with it for about 3 weeks. I just need some more time....too much overtime...too much honeydoo crap....and now that endless wondering looking for the perfect christmas present for the kids.....I know from experience with my DP's that december nobody has cash...I will aim for mid january for delivery of these.....I will tru my best..but dont hold hold your breath to get them under the tree....sorry again.
And finally, the latest from XERD:
Posted by XERD on 11/15/02:
We are still working on the headers and very close to be done. We are also making some other parts for the 3000GT/Stealth and will release everything by the end of the year.

Thanx. Eyal 818-347-9060
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