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Just came across a $1000, and wanna do my service.
1) Timing belt
2) tensioner
3) Upper radiator hose
4) Lower radiator hose
5) Heater core hoses
6) change all the drivetrain fluids to

My problem is that when i went to the dodge dealer to get the parts number for the belt and the tensioner the fuckin asshole won't give it to me.
I wanna go to the mitsu dealer and buy the parts because they are cheaper (143-belt, 78-tensioner) plus i get an additional 15% off.
Can any one of you guys tell me the part number that i need to order from the mitsu dealer.
1) timing belt
2) tensioner
3) do i need an aligning or a tightning tool
I have a 91 Stealth twin turbo, are the parts same as the 91'3000GT VR4??
I would also appreciate if you guys can tell me what type of Redline fluid should put in
1) 5 spd tranny
2) Transfer case
3) Rear
What quantity of oil do i need??

Thanx in advance

The parts are the same. Just tell the Mitsu dealer what you have, he will get you the right parts. Dodge is way more expensive than Mitsu. I suggest you deal only with mitsu. Good luck!

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I have two 91 RT TTs and never take them to the Dodge dealer. Any work I have to have done I take it to the Mitsubishi dealer. Dodge does not want anything to do with these cars since they never had any part in making them. Every part is a Mitsubishi. It came off of the same production line as the 3000.
I meet a guy a while back that bought his car new and did not notice for about two years that he had one door panel for a Stealth and one off a 3000 GT VR4.
Parts are allways cheaper at the Mitsubishi Dealers.
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