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Has anyone tried clucthmasters?

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I know a lot of people here goes with rps, but I don't wanna go with the flow without seriously considering the alternatives too. So, Has anyone tried cluthmasters stage 3? Or stage 2 hdtz? How would you compare it to rps stage 2 or 3? how hard/strong is the engagement after break in? how does the pedal feel? How does it feel overall? any comments about your experiences on any type of clutch you have(such as act, centerforce, etc) will be appriciated. Thanks.
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i'm intersted in this topic also. how long does the RPS lasts and other clutch respestively. what about stock clutch?
I have the clutchmasters stage three clutch, and it seems to be working fine. I got it about four months ago and after the breakin period it engaged strong. If you have any questions just ask me. I am not very knowledgeable but i will help any way i can.
Cool!. how long is it supposed to last? Sounds like it engages hard, so great for drag racing right? How about the street driveability? Also did the pedal pressure increase much? How would you compare it to rps? would you recommend it? what do you think of clutchmasters stage 2?....
oh by the way, also what type of car are you running it on?
the clutch engaged great and it is supposed to last at least five years, (if you try to beat it up though you have a good warranty on it), street driveability is good i have no problem adjusting. and it is very good for drag also, (well of course it is a stage three), my car is a base dodge stealth.
pedal pressure did not increase much, (it adjusts to you after the break in period), i don't know much about rps or any other clutch companies but i would recomend it just make sure it getts put in right or you will have problems later on. if you got the money for a stage two then go on ahead and get a stage three.
I know you are asking about the clutchmasters but I thought I would add my .02

I put in an RPS Stage III clutch not too long ago and I like it pretty well. I make my friends get in the car and push in the clutch and most of them wonder how I drive it and say it must be a bizatch to drive in traffic. I dont think its all that bad, I think I am just used to it by now. But anyway it is very grabby and a little tricky to drive but personally I like it like that. I have only had it at the drag strip once since I put the clutch in but on two of my runs I dumped the clutch at about 6000rpms and cut loose all four tires...I'm not sure how this happened because all I have is a TurboXS MBC, Boost Gauge and the RPS Stage best guess is that it must have been that my tires and the track were a bit chilly, but it still goes to show how the clutch will handle a 6000rpm dump.

But anyway like I said I just thought I would give you some input on the RPS clutch so you can make your own decision on which clutch is for you...

Good luck.
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Thanks for the other point of view. The one difference i see with our two clutches is how the pedal feels. My clutch don't feel so stiff once the breakin period was over. I also have dumped the clutch many times at six thousand rpm's and pulled the e-brake just to see how long the tires will spin. Lets just say i ran out of parking lot before the car stopped. Both sound good to me all that is left is the price. if any more questions arise; let me know how i can help
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