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I have the typical play that causes the thumping sound, but now I think I getting a vibration for the DS. Its most noticeable at highway speeds(3K @ 80 MPH), and seems to come and go like a pulse.
Its not that bad yet, but feel like it could be getting worse.
Just had the wheels and tires blanced and rotated, did not fix the problem.
Should replacing the careier bearings be the next step?


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Well It turned out to be the Pass. side outer wheel Bearing.

I had never thought to check that, but too late now. I ate the axle shaft and the trailing arm.

The axle shaft assembly was $126.00 whole sale, but the Trailing arm is 380.00 whole sale. I going to try to make the trailing arm work, but might have to replace it also.

To check, jack the side up in question, relase the e break, and shake each wheel up and down.

hope this was helpfull


ps Put in new cairer bearings thinking that that was the prob. Help the D.Shaft thumping out a lot!

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