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91 Dodge Stealth

SYMPTOM: Clutch works normally 98 % of the time, but, occasionally the pedal will move half way to the floor before feeling any resistance, then with the clutch pedal on the floor, the slave is only half extended and the clutch is barely disengaged.

When this happens the clutch pedal doesn’t return to home on its own, but stays half way down. In this condition the slave, though, is returned by the pressure plate to its home position.

Other times, this problem is not quite so obvious. The clutch master cylinder misses “pedal” at varying degrees. You find that clutch engagement happens at different positions on the foot pedal. You loose the feel of the clutch.

Only when it misses badly and falls past center will it not return home. Simply pull it back with your toe and your ready to go again!

Let me be clear on two things. It is not the case that the pedal doesn’t return. It normally does. But, intermittently, has no resistance until nearly to the floor, first. I have marked the home and fully extended positions next to the slave cylinder, and it is not that the slave doesn’t come all the way back, it is that the slave starts from home, and extends only part way out.

Ah, low and behold, I discovered a way to duplicate the problem. All one must do, is coast thru a left hand curve, depress the clutch pedal; and it will fall more than half way down!

Following the previous letter, Wiesner Dodge in Tomball Texas installs a second new clutch master cylinder.

However, the original symptom of falling nearly to the floor during left hand turns still persist.

I believe that this is due to a defective characteristic in the master cylinders.

Any good ideas?

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Ray, I can't remember the characteristics of the stock clutch any more because I haven't had it for quite some time now. I have an ACT and I haven't notice any pedal height loss since I had a leak in the clutch hose. Also when fluid was very low this would happen, other than that the clutch has resistance high on the pedal for me. Thanks for the ideas though.

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Anyone else try feeling the clutch pedal in left hand turns?

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