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Hard shifting into gears

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I just replaced my clutch and when i switch gears it grinds in the gears and sometimes very hard to get into gear. whats should I do to fix it?
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probably synchronizers
I think i have to adjust the clutch pedal.. because i dont think its going all the way in when i decompress the pedal
If it's after a clutch swap then yeah....clutch pedal 1st choice.

What kind of tranny fluid are you using? Make sure it's Redline MT-90 or BG Syncroshift. I'm using MT-90.

First try those, if it doesn't go away, post again.

Good luck.

i have a mix of mt90 and mtl. how do you adjust the clutch pedal. i look down there and theres a bracket above a spring with on nut welded and theother side that i can use a 14 mm.. once i break that nut loose i jut move the pedal up??
I haven't done it personally. What you are saying sounds right.

However since you just got your clutch replaced, I thought the clutch place would do it for you.

i was the clutch place :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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