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I had the 30k service done on my 95 vr4 last week. I specified a trany & transfer fluid change. The next day I noticed hard shifting in all gear so I took the car back. Was told the linkage needed adjustment and they had made the adjustment "so come pick up your car". It's still not smooth like it was before the 30k service. Can the new fluid be causing this hard shifting? This car has never been abused or driven hard and I am the original owner. Is there a special trany lube that may fix the hard shifting? Please help I fear I maybe damaging the trany trying to force it into gear.

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You may want to check this out.
I don't know if it's valid for '95's, but it sure helped out with my '91. FWIW, the "friction modifier" I used was the same stuff they use for GM diferentials.

Hard to Shift MMC Manual Transaxle

Vehicle: Dodge Stealth
TSB Number: 21-01-92
Group: Transmission
Date: Feb. 10, 1992
Subject: Hard To Shift MMC Manual Transaxle NOTE: THIS BULLETIN APPLIES TO
1990-1992 (BD) LASER
1991-1992 (B7) STEALTH
1992 (B8) COLT VISTA

Customer may encounter a hard to shift condition. This may be caused by a binding condition
between the synchronizer coating paper and the surface of the gear taper cone.

Parts Required:
1 Friction Modifier 4318060

Repair Procedure:

This repair involves adding friction modifier to the transaxle.

1. Refer to Fig. 1 for applicable models and transaxle, and ensure proper fluid
level in transaxle. If fluid has a foamy or milky appearance, the fluid should
be changed. If fluid change is required, use Mopar Hypoid gear oil or equivalent
API classification GL-4 or higher, and perform step 2.

2. Add only 7.5 cc (.25 oz.) of the friction modifier to the transaxle through the
filler plug.

Policy: Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

Repair Procedure: Labor operation No. 21-00-10-91 . . . 0.2 Hrs.


My transmission shifted hard from day one. Finally I mentioned it to the dealer. They replaced the transmission fluid with synthetic fluid. That took care of the problem.
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