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hans91gt good, work and parts

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i have worked extensively with hans and would recommend him as both a mechanic and a good source for parts. he has helped me learn many things about my car and just about everything i have done with him has gone smoothly and trouble-free. earns my recommendation. matter of fact i was over there the other day and he mentioned that nobody had posted him up here... you can quite your bitchin' hans, now ya know we all love ya, in a platonic sense of course :D

- mike
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Hans is a great person to know. He is very experienced in our cars. I have brought my car to him for almost all the mods in my sig, I wish I would have known him sooner to do the others. I always go to him for installs, parts and information. He takes the time to explain and answer any questions you may have as well. I to have also learned allot about my car because of Him, especially on installing a Cusco Strut bar :D
You first meet Hans as your mechanic, but you end up leaving as his friend. He is a good guy and very respectable. And if you're reading this Hans I want a 20% discount on my next purchase, and the $50 you owe me for righting this for you :) j/k
If there were a forum for most helpful

He would have to be #1 on my list. The man is a saint.

Hey Hans have I mentioned the many nice things we have to offer out hear in Oklahoma? Nice sunny beaches where all of the girls lay out topless, Tracks are open all yr. long and it is always a cool 50 degrees out here. Gas is free at the pump and goes up to 97 octane take your pick. The snap-on guys out here no longer care about making a profit they sell everything at cost.
The mitsu dealers out here are very generous.

Just let me know if you are thinking about moving out here.;)
Thanks fellas :). And Mike, I wasn't bitching, you were the one bitching that someone finally put something up about you ;).

Brian, I would move out to the mid-west, but I've got a lot of customers over here that have become almost a 2nd family to me. It's great seeing people come back again and again for work (and not break anything ;)).

Shawn, never touch your car ever again :).
:eek: as i recall, i mentioned that my name had finally gotten a buyer/seller rating and your reply was, "yeah, i noticed nobody bothered to put me up there." :) i thought about it and it's basically cause everybody just assumes you're there ready to help out and you aren't looked at the same way as someone you get a used part from. anyway, i thought you deserved props so here ya are!

- mike

p.s. did you notice shawn capitalized "Him" in his post when referring to hans?

"I to have also learned allot about my car because of Him, especially on installing..."

apparently hans is a deity... :D
I wish i could say the same, until my Clutch that was ordered two and a half months ago, and paid for one and a half months ago is here, I WONT.

Alot of excuses were said, I have clutches, but im too busy to send. The next week you didnt have the clutches yet. then the next it was back to you dont have the time to send it.

Now I hear you still dont have them. Lots of conflicting stories from the same person about the same item.

Honesty is best, and I'f you had been honest from the begining, my thoughts on this would have been different, and I wouldnt have minded waiting. The fact is you played with the truth, and told noone what was really going on.
I told the truth from the beginning. I said half the clutches have arrived when they did. The rest of the clutches arrived yesterday, like I said they would in the post. All the flywheels arrived before the clutches even showed up. If I had more control over when the clutches could have arrived to me, believe me I would have had them here earlier. I now have all the clutches/flywheels so everything will be shipped this coming week. I'm not making any excuses. It's a group buy, when have you seen a group buy end quickly? Large quantity purchases take time to receive, especially from RPS. I'm sorry you are dissappointed in the results. Next time think twice about joining a group buy if you need a part right away.
Hans, I got the window regulator. Thanks a lot man. Keep up the good work.


You wouldn't happen to be going to see hans this weekend would you? If you do, please tell him to ship the springs I purchased a month ago......and reply to his e-mails and phone calls...
And have him send me my refund.
omnip_1, sorry to hear that hans has screwed over yet someone else........I have talked to more that a couple of people here, hans is really getting a bad reputation......maybe he will figure it out when no one will buy anything from him....
I'd like to put a good word in for hans, he got me parts numbers for a shitload of stuff, even tho I kinda went broke and wasn't able to buy them yet, he still hooked me up with his time to look stuff up. He will get my business, hopefully sometime this winter I'll have the cash for the parts :(

Also cool to chat with on IM.
I wish you all the luck in you new business. And I do hope when you do buy things from him, he doesn't do you like hes has done me and alot of other people here. The next time you chat with him, ask him to please send me the springs I purchased from him. All I want is what I purchased from him over a month ago.
Would definitely recommend him. Works with you and explains everything (so even my dumbass understood :D).

Hans, how's the new shop?? Everything up and running yet?? I'm gonna have to schedule my 60k with you sometime...let me know how far in advance I have to do this.
Hans installed the 13g turbos in my car. . Thought it was a pretty cheap price too (I'm not complaining:D )
Thumbs up to Hans:thumbsup:
How is the new shop Hans? Did you paint your yellow beast yet?
hans helped me step by step changing my oil pump via AIM. Thanks alot man. However don't see him on AIM anymore.
Bluv69k said:
However don't see him on AIM anymore.
probably thanks to me ;)

lol, j/k... nah he helped me out big-time w/ the timing belt and oil pump as well as almost everything w/ my lil' 117k "overhaul" including a good deal on an RPS pressure plate :cool:
Clutch Group Buy

I am pretty sure that Han's Group Buy on the clutches were all through RPS. I think you can thank RPS for all the delay's. They seem to have a major problem with the laws of supply and demand.
hans's hoods

some other thread i can't remember sparked my question, but has anyone had any experience with hans's hoods?

any good? recommendations? apparently Gtpros second gen hood is pure CF @ 13lbs but required hood pins... hans's hood is CF and Fiber Glass @ 25lbs .. fiberglass for rigidity.

just wanted to know those of you who have those hoods.

Im considering buying one of his hoods, and his 99 front end conversion.

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