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HA Tein coil-over suspension

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Ok, I am looking for one of those, but don't wont to pay $2000 for them.
Dose any body know the phone or where in japan i can get them or order them, that way i don't get to pay redeculas prices.?
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they costs about the same even if you order them directly from japan plus shipping. if not a bit more.
if you want TEIN's...

you've gotta pay the price.
by far the nicest setup for any car i have ever seen. even better with the pillow mounts.
i have never seen them go cheap though.

just my $.02
Yeah you should just save up your money and buy them...I want better suspension too but am willing to wait for the Coil Overs...simply because they kick ass. HEHE

My 2 cents;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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