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I'm about to install nitrous, and I want to pick up a couple 60mm guages to mount in an a-pillar pod. I need a 60mm fuel pressure and a 60mm air fuel. Now, the fuel pressure guage obviously is going to be mounted inside the car, so i can't use one designed to be mounted outside the car (duh).

Anyone else have any suggestions on what guages you think I should use? Where can i get a good price on the pods and guages. I know dynamic racing's got the pod for $35, but I'm having trouble finding the guages I need.

As always, thanks in advance

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Greddy makes both the Fuel Pressure and the A/F gauge in a 60mm peak hold/warning version. They are electronic so no problem with interior mount on the Fuel Pressure gauge. They are expensive. List on the A/F is like $300, the fuel pressure probably $250.

They are available in white face with an orange needle, green illumination or black face, white needle, amber illumination. They read in metric values.

I have both of these plus the EGT, Temp (for water), Oil Pressure and Turbo (Boost/Vac). I paid about $200 per gauge (averaging it for the 6).

I have not yet installed the Fuel Pressure but the A/F works well.

I have mine in Greddy 60mm A-pillar pods (two singles, they don't make duals). The advantage is the gauges go in directly with no cutting of the pods or the A-pillar. Disadvantage is they are universal so you have to heat form them to the shape of the A-pillar.

If you use the Autometer pods they are designed for 52mm (2 and 1/16") gauges. You will need to carve out the openings to get the 60mm gauges to fit. They are also not deep enough for the large bodies of the gauges so the gauge will stick out of the pod slightly unless you cut the A-pillar to let it seat. The positive is that it is pre-shaped to the A-pillar and the Autometer dual takes up less space along the pillar (you could actually fit 3 gauges by adding a single pod plus the dual) whereas the Greddy pods are larger and only two will fit.

Here is a picture of the pods with the A/F (top) and the EGT (bottom).

1994 VR4


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I forgot how expensive A/F guages are =(
Where can i find a cheap 52mm fuel pressure guage? And what should I stick in the other pod?

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