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GT345? What do you guys think of these

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I'm considering the GT345 over my 9b's bored out and putting 13g wheels in. Anyone using these and what do you think of them? How do they compare to 13gs?

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345? :confused:
This is a direct quote from Brian at GT Pro

Okay up to you. I can offer you our lower Sportsman Series turbo the GT345 for $1349.00 if you are on a real budget, this way you get the GT PRO quality but at a price within your budget.
lol aaaa ok?

i sell more gt-pro turbos than gt-pro does, and i have no idea what thy are?
not a clue here either..
My back tires are 345..... but that they only thing I seen 345 on a 3S..
Maybe Brain can fill us in?
Well it doesn't matter any more but thanks. I bought some from Matt. Sounds like a great guy and he know what he's talking about. went with the 13g's
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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