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For those who reserved copies of GT2 (myself included) it's no surprise the game isn't here. Sony has said that it WILL ship before Christmas however. This news comes from For any Dreamcast
owners, hope is in sight. Sega GT looks like a possible Gran Turismo killer. Judge for yourself:
Anyone still want to bash the Dreamcast?

I am at work and very bored. So I've decided to post inane game news

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I heard the delays were caused because of the problems with securing the copyrights for some of the cars... quite honestly automanufactures should be lining up to give these guys all the data they need to program the game.
whatever company is holding them should have their stupid cars slightly changed (to avoid copyrights) and give them really bad stats... guess no one will drive them in the game.. heheh pass them in geo metro's...

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Hey, they sony says that GT2 is 98% Complete and should ship by the end of next week. Thank god! That Game has been delayed for almost a year!

But as far as the Dreamcast is comcerned, I will not be buying any driving game for that machine. The controllers are by far the worst I have seen in a long time. I can't shift with the Dreamcast controller. I use the top 2 right buttons to shift. And the Dreamcast only has one! why does that machine have so few buttons. I hope they come out with some better controllers and soon.

ALSO Don't get Marvel Vs Capcom, unless you are really good. The levels are all messed up. Skill 1 is as hard as Skill level 8. Luckily for me, I am really good.

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