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Goodies goodies goodies!

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Couldn't edit my old thread so started this new one lol.

For sale. PM me or text at (951) 258-6161 if you more info/pics. Or email [email protected] . Quick response. MOST shipping prices included. Save on combos! LMK if you're in the SoCal area for pick up option. I'm constantly updating the list so check back regularly!

*OEM true black dash knee thing with AC vent- $60 plus shipping
*OEM true black rear wiper switch $40 shipped
*OEM true black rear seat belts. Note: the covers arent really in the best lookin shape but the rest looks good.

*NEW O2 bung + plug- Add $5 to any order
*NEW (unless stated otherwise) license plate frames from AEM Exedy, Hankook, Motormavens, etc- $20 shipped ea
*NEW universal 50mm gauge pod for dash (X2)- $15 shipped each
*NEW "F1 style" 3rd brake light- $15 shipped
*NEW Earls Plumbing 900110ERL (AN -10) (x2) AND 900106ERL (AN -6) (x2) and AN -8 (x2; used) Econ-O-Fit Hose Clamps in red- $25 shipped for all 6.
*NEW non oem oil return gaskets made of composite (x6)- $7 shipped for all
*NEW National trans output shaft (?) oil seal. PN: 223543- $5 and its yours if you buy something else.
*NEW 2 90 degree intake couplers (2 3/8"ID) AND 1 reducer coupler (3 3/8"ID - 3"ID) WITH 2 high quality T bolt clamps. Was going to use the 90 degree couplers for a blow thru set up- $25 shipped
*NEW x2 sets of New Black Rubber Tire Wheel TR413 Valve Stems with Chrome Caps- $14 shipped for both sets or add $5 to any order
*NEW AN6 oil hose separators in red (x2) and x1 used AN8 - $14 shipped for all 3 or Add $5 to any order.
*x2 sets (aka complete set) of charcoal bolt/nut covers that go on the bottom of seats- $15 shipped each or $21 shipped for both
*Front pre-turbo pipe WITH insert- $20 shipped
*Pair of wastegates- $35 shipped
*Rear wastegate- $20 shipped
*Rear wiper motor- $15 shipped
*Front windshield washer tank. No cap. Good condition- $25 plus shipping
*Rear window washer tank. Like new- $20 plus shipping
*Clean Ascot Silver Metallic fuel door- $15 shipped
*Decent PS fuse box cover- $15 shipped
*91-97 dome light- $15 shipped
*Air bag control module- $15 shipped
*Duralast radiator caps (x2). Less than 2K miles each- add $5 to any order.
*Interior door lights. Pair. Comes with the actual base/connector and cover -$15 shipped
*Interior door light covers. Pair. Add $5 to any order.
*PS 1G fiji blue headlight cover- $20 shipped
*Injector resistor bracket- $15 shipped
*Thermostat cover- $15 shipped
*Working 1st gen airbag (x2)- $20 shipped each
*OEM radiator brackets (x3 sets)- $15 shipped each set
*Aluminum shift knob- $15 shipped
*91-98 red sail panels (only the "colored") part- $25 shipped
*FS fuel rail- $15 shipped
*PTU bracket- $15 shipped
*Interior fuse modulator with fuses. I think its for a 2G VR4?- $15 shipped
*Foglight/headlight (1G) switch- $15 shipped
*Pair of license plate light covers- $14 shipped for both
*Motorad thermostats (x2)- $15 shipped each
*Non-oem oil cap- $15 shipped
*Driver side seat belt- $20 shipped
*Passenger side/transmission side splash guard/cover. I believe its for a SL- $20 plus shipping
*Pair of charcoal leather door inserts. Non bolstered- $10 plus shipping
*Decent housing to turbo gasket- Add $3 to anything you order and its yours
*x2 OEM (1G?) VR4 wheel caps w/clip things- Add $3 to any order and its yours
*Pair of red a-pillar sills. Has come clear coat coming off on the DS- $10 plus shipping or pick up
*NEW pair of universal side splitters. 82.5"x3.5" EXCEPT for one that i cut about 4in. Long enough for most cars- $10 PICK UP ONLY

Random stuff:
*Amazon Firestick. 1st gen. Its jail broken but needs to be updated. All features work properly tho- $20 shipped
*Turn signal switch for a Nissan Pathfinder- $15 shipped
*RARE Porsche 962 Nisseki Dashracer Japanese phone card from the late 80s- $6 shipped
*NEW and RARE (for the Honda/Acura bois) late 90s/early 00s DC Sports license plate frame x5- $20 shipped ea
*Pair of Evo 8/9 SSL grab handles to adjust seat. These DO NOT fit aftermarket brackets/rails. Only stock Evo rails- $10 plus shipping

--->Open to trades/partial trades. Also looking for a 2 piece 5 speed aluminum driveshaft, Bozz Speed hood, JDM stuff in general. HKS DLI, e85 compatible fuel stuff, new OEM stuff, etc
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I just had a guy ask me about license plate covers earlier today on my FB parts thread. Ill link him here for ya.

Interested / needing anything off a 94 SL or 93 TT car?
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