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Good snow tires?

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Hi, guys,
Anybody have any experience with snow tires? Our new Stealth needs tires pretty bad, so we're going to drop a set of snow tires on the stock 17" rims for now, and get new rims and high-performance tires for summer use next year. So what size and brand of snow tire do you guys recommend? Thanks.
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btt - anyone?
You can't realy go wrong with Blizzak's or you can do like I did. Get some 16" rims and put on some good snow/ice tires like the Blizzak's but studded also and only use them when it actualy snows. I have BFGoodrich winter something that are studded from Costco for like $80 each.
Used Cooper Vipers up here where we get lots of snow. They've been great and they are inexpensive. Got them from Sears.
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